Monday, June 5, 2023

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These 7 Sustainable and Zero-Waste Products Will Transform Your Kitchen


When it comes to sustainable and zero-waste living, there are so many incredibly innovative and creative alternatives to the throw-away items of years past. Ethos founders Jackie and Jill are obsessed with these eco kitchen items.

How often does your kitchen trash bin make you wince? If you’re like us, the thought of sending anything to a landfill breaks your heart. It’s understandable—our waste-making habit is a big problem for the planet (you can read more about that here). Fortunately, when it comes to the kitchen especially, there are sustainable and zero-waste alternatives to virtually every product. And they’re often a bona fide upgrade to the originals, too, made from higher quality materials and with designs that match your style and your ethos.

1. Bamboo Compost Bin

If you’re a permanent city dweller, it’s easy to feel like you can’t really commit to composting. However, there are more options than you might think, including easy countertop composting kits like this one. You may soon find yourself with a composting addiction as you turn food scraps into soil all on your own! This bamboo compost bin is sustainably made and easy for newbies and experts. Use the nutrient-rich compost for your garden or houseplants to keep them healthy.

2. Glass and Stainless Steel Pour-Over

If you are a coffee addict you have probably gone through your fair share of coffee makers. It seems like no matter how high-end the electric coffee makers are, without fail they die after a few years. Who wants to keep sending electronics (and plastic) to the landfill year after year?

Enter: the glass pour-over. Not only are they more sustainably made, with glass and stainless steel versus plastic, but they can also last for decades with proper care. It also looks so much cuter on kitchen counters, too.

Need some fair-trade coffee to go with your new pour-over? Check out our favorite brands.

3. Silicone Lids

How is it that you can never find a matching container and lid when you need it? Even with the most organized cupboards this can happen. But these silicone lids? They are such a time saver for meal prepping or to save leftovers and the pot lid is nowhere to be found. The variety of sizes are perfect for all your kitchen storage needs. Never use plastic wrap again!

4. Soma Water Filter Pitcher

Tap water isn’t what it used to be. And if you’re looking to reduce your exposure to contaminants, bottled water isn’t the best answer due to all the plastic waste. And often times the bottled stuff contains just as many particulates and contaminants as tap, not to mention the chemicals from the plastic bottles.

The best answer may also be the most sustainable one: an easy, reusable water filter. This sustainable pitcher from Soma uses responsible materials to shrink water and chemical usage. The long-lasting filter is made of coconut and charcoal to sustainably clean your water without chemicals.

5. Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags

We’ve come a long way from my elementary school days when lunch came wrapped in plastic film or plastic bags and then stuffed into a paper bag. While the throw-away lunch may have been easier for my parents, it didn’t do the planet any favors.

For kids lunches, leftovers, movie snacks, and more, you will find yourself hooked on Stasher reusable silicone bags. Not only do they keep unnecessary waste out of landfills, but they are far superior in preventing leaks, too. It keeps food fresh, and they’re so easy to wash and store.

6. ZeroWaste’ly Unpaper Towels

Maybe you moved to reusable hand towels and napkins years ago. But doesn’t it seem like there’s still always a roll of paper towels lingering in the kitchen? Call it a security blanket of sorts, especially for parents cleaning up the random ick. Helpful, indeed. But it’s not exactly sustainable.

ZeroWaste’ly is changing all of that. With the cute and colorful roll of reusable cotton towels, you’ll easily trick yourself into thinking these are the same as those disposable paper towels. Highly absorbent and machine-washable, you’ll master the Art of Ick with ease with towels you can use and re-roll again and again.

7. Aarke Carbonator

Even if you make every effort to place your cans and bottles into recycling bins, there’s no guarantee they’re going to get properly recycled. So the best option? Stop using them altogether.

You may be familiar with another, more popular soda-making machine, but it is not the most durable, not is it easy to clean, either. The Aarke offers a sleek alternative. It’s easy to use, and comes with a safe, nontoxic bottle to make and store your carbonated water in. And while that’s a plastic bottle (PET), it’s not meant as a one-time use. It’ll last years, keeping plastic, glass, or cans out of landfills.


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