Monday, June 5, 2023

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5 Sustainable Floral Print Dresses to Get the ‘Bridgerton’ Regencycore Look the Ethical Way


Season 2 of Bridgerton has arrived and so has the fashion. Searching for floral print dresses to get the look? Here’s how to do it sustainably.

Bloomingdale’s loves Bridgerton as much as you do. Its Regencycore style pop-up is running now through May 15th at its New York City flagship location. There, you can find all the English garden party essentials from clothing and accessories to home goods.

But for those who can’t make it to the pop-up, we’ve got the Bridgerton edit right here, and with an ethical twist: all styles are from sustainable labels and designers so you can look and feel your best and leave the drama on the screen. Need a little explainer on what labels mean? Check out our guide to fashion certifications and labels to help you through.

Sustainable floral print dresses

While the Bridgerton style encompasses more than just dresses—there are gloves and hats and so much more—a recent poll found the most interest was in floral print dresses. Why? Well, for one, it’s more wearable for most of us (although in Covid times gloves are maybe a good idea). And second, we’re heading into warmer weather, and nothing screams spring or summer like a floral print dress to get you from weekend brunches straight through to beach weddings.

Pair these dresses with sneakers for low-key farmers market run, or dial them up with sandals or heels, a bit of bling, and a summer shawl for dinner, drinks, or dancing.

1. Reformation, Jasen

The sustainable Los Angeles-based label Reformation is known for its eco denim, but it’s all about the floral print dresses, too. Taylor Swift made one famous last year, and with the uptick in Regencycore style, there are sure to be a few more on the list like this Jasen. Made from 100 percent viscose, a cellulosic fiber from wood pulp, Reformation says it’s committed to sourcing from responsibly managed forests. It works with the nonprofit Canopy in forest sourcing and conservation.

2. Christy Dawn, Elle

The Elle comes from another Los Angeles label, Christy Dawn. The label is built on using deadstock materials to help reduce the textile industry’s waste output, and this floral print doesn’t disappoint. It’s all about the details. From hand-stitched lace to the tiered skirt and sleeves to the ruffled bodice, this dress is a perfect warm-weather go-to.

3. Vetta, Flutter Sleeve Wrap

Built on a capsule wardrobe ethos, Vetta uses recycled and deadstock or sustainable materials. It’s committed to responsible sourcing and production. Its newest design, a remix of a classic, is the midi-length wrap dress with options to wrap front or back. It also comes with new smocking details and the gorgeous floral print works for casual Sunday brunch or a late afternoon spring wedding.

4. Doen, Castalia

Time travel to 200 years ago in this stunning vintage-inspired Doen dress. The wildflower pattern is sublime and comes with hand smocking details, a gathered bodice and a playful fit. You’ll want to wear this every day, and not just because of the gorgeous fit. Doen is a socially responsible and sustainable brand aimed at elevating women, Doen manufacturers in a GOTS-certified facility that’s also carbon neutral. The dress is made with certified organic cotton and viscose and is OEKO-TEX certified.

5. Zimmermann, Blush Floral Dancer Drawn Mini

You may feel more like a butterfly than a flower in this floral print mini dress from Zimmermann, but that’s okay. Butterflies and flowers go hand in hand. This stunner is made from responsibly sourced viscose with a slip comprised of 90 percent recycled post-consumer polyester and ten percent elastane.


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