Friday, June 2, 2023

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Real Men Eat Plants Launches the Glen Merzer Show podcast


Coming to Real Men Eat Plants is “The Glen Merzer Show” podcast hosted by none other than Glen himself! Filled with freewheeling discussions, liveliness, and health information, The Glen Merzer Show Podcast will move you towards the vegan lifestyle if you’re not already there!

CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 9, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — After a successful season one with 38 episodes, Real Men Eat Plants is now launching a new podcast starring the one and only Glen Merzer.

Glen has been in several episodes of Real Men Eat Plants podcast, and his “rants” were highly anticipated by listeners. A whole new podcast was created to showcase more of Glen’s passion about veganism, his experiences and some good laughs while bringing some big names in the vegan industry.

He will be joined with Real Men Eat Plants Season 1 host, Rich Reynolds to discuss topics that involve anything plant-based, their vegan lifestyle, some sports and current events.

“I am happy to have this new platform to share more about veganism, plant-based lifestyles, the science behind it and the environmental impact of animal agriculture.” – Glen Merzer

The Glen Merzer Show is proud to be partnering with amazing guests as well:

  • Tami & Tom Kramer, creators of the Nutmeg Notebook Plant Based Blog.
  • Brian Herskowitz, award winning writer, producer, director, and teacher.
  • John Tanner, owner of Little Green Forks

“It has been an amazing Season 1. We are thrilled to be working with Glen for a new podcast. We will continue to spread the word about plant-based life and break the stigma that surrounds men going vegan or vegetarian and many more relatable topics out there.” said Bryan Dennstedt, founder of Real Men Eat Plants.

Real Men Eat Plants is a website for plant based people, and for those who are plant curious — so basically for everyone. The site has blogs, recipes, merchandise, and a 30-day challenge to go vegetarian or vegan. It’s something that a lot of people have tried and it is life changing.

About Glen Merzer: Glen, the host of the eponymous podcast, is the author of Food Is Climate, Own Your Health, and the novel Off the Reservation. He is co-author, with Howard Lyman, of Mad Cowboy and No More Bull!, and with Chef AJ, of Unprocessed and The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss. He is also a playwright and screenwriter. He is a graduate of New College of Florida in Sarasota. You can find him at

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