Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Iskra Lawrence’s Clean Beauty Brand Is for Everybody, But Especially Women With Postpartum Depression


British model and entrepreneur Iskra Lawrence, has launched Saltair, a clean plant-based beauty brand aimed at promoting self care, particularly for new mothers battling postpartum depression.

Between 70 to 80 percent of women will experience “the baby blues” after giving birth. As many as 15 percent can experience more serious postpartum depression or related conditions.

These episodes can last for a year or longer following birth. In the U.S. alone, that means nearly 600,000 women a year are experiencing a depressive episode related to birth.

Iskra Lawrence was one of them.

It’s the impetus behind her new clean skincare brand, Saltair. Infused with scents to inspire and awaken the senses, the clean beauty brand is particularly aimed at new mothers and the challenges that can come with the job.

“When I was in my postpartum, deepest, darkest times, I stopped showering,” Lawrence told Well and Good. Her husband encouraged her to take time for herself each day—more for the time alone than the cleansing, but that was part of it, too.

“He was like, ‘Why don’t you just shower in the morning? I know it will help you feel clean and fresh.’ And sure enough, there was something magical about five minutes in the shower where I could cleanse off how I was feeling, reset, and just get back to myself,” she says.

Lawrence is hopeful that the new product range–plant-based and sustainably crafted Serum Body Cleansers and Moisturizing Body Lotions—will have that same effect for other women.

“In a world where we told we are never enough, a daily self-love ritual is essential. Even if it’s the 5 minutes you get of peace and quiet in the shower, every body deserves those little luxuries,” she said in a statement.

Lawrence has made a name for herself across the self-care category with Harper’s Bazaar dubbing her “the millennial poster girl for positivity” in 2018. She’s dedicated her career to promoting positive images of women in the media after experiencing a range of rejections for being either “too big” or “not big enough.” She’s also known for her work with the National Eating Disorders Association, LOréal for the Prince’s Trust, as well as her own project, the Self-Funding Planner, which helps people invest in themselves.


The range takes its botanical inspiration from the beach and the cleansing benefits of the ocean—thus the Saltair name.

“We really tried to connect the fragrances with what people would want from the skin care benefits,” Lawrence says. “We thought, ‘Maybe someone’s going to be interested in hydration—let’s make Black Tide have Brazil nut oil, which is extra nourishing and super rich.’ And then we thought about brightening… it feels like it would brighten your day by the fragrance being so fruity and we put passion fruit oils in it and niacinamide and vitamin C to literally brighten your skin, too.”

The range is based on natural botanicals and is free from preservatives, common skin irritants, and what the brand dubs “questionable materials.”


Photos Courtesy of Saltair

It says sustainability is also top of mind with product coming in a completely recyclable aluminum bottle. The initial seven scents for the body wash include Santal Bloom, Island Orchid, Lush Greens, Exotic Pulp, Black Tide, Lagoona, as well as a fragrance-free option. Lotions are to follow in the same scent range.

Saltair is also positioning itself for every body type, color, and size, as well as any budget. “With skincare benefits and beautiful evocative fragrances our products are affordable luxury with inclusion at the core,” Lawrence says.

“I think that there has been a real push for people to embrace their bodies… Combined with people learning and being more interested in skincare and reaching for products that they know [are good for them],” Lawrence says. “It’s a fun space that did need innovation. Even still when I walk down the aisles, it feels like [the products] for those specific targeted skin-care ingredients or that are focused on some skin concern are very expensive and clinical. It was just time for fun, fresh brand to come out and be about more than just a price point.”

Saltair joins the growing list of sustainable celebrity beauty brands. Last week, supermodel Winnie Harlow launched Cay Skin, a sustainable sun protection range made for “everyone under the sun,” with shades that work for all skin tones.

Saltair joins the brand portfolio The Center, which also includes Phlur, Make Beauty, and Naturium.


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