Monday, May 29, 2023

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The 7 Best Sustainable Homewares to Make Your Home a Sanctuary


Home is a sanctuary. Make yours the best it can be with sustainable homewares for every corner of your abode.

Home is where the heart is—and all the stuff. Whether you’re a packrat or a minimalist, we’re not here to judge. But we can help you pick the best of the best to make your home the sacred space it should be. These homewares tick all the boxes: sustainably made, sleek, sexy design, and all aces when it comes to function. Of course, our mantra is to use what you’ve got, but when it’s time to replace, do it the most eco-friendly way possible.

1. Ettitude Bamboo Sheet Set

Everyone loves crawling into bed at the end of a long, hard day. Making our bedrooms a place of rest and relaxation is crucial to our general wellbeing and definitely impacts the quality of our sleep. We spend one-third of our lives in our beds, so it makes sense to pay extra attention and care there.

One of the biggest things you can do is choose non-toxic bedding to curl yourself up in each night. Bamboo is an incredible option because it easily grows without the use of chemicals and is an extremely sustainable crop. I love this bamboo sateen sheet set from Ettitude. The soft twill is cool yet cozy on the body and the sheets are naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial.

2. Boll & Branch Women’s Robe

A cozy robe is a staple in the work-from-home world or those lazy weekends. This organic cotton robe from Boll & Branch is a great option to gift yourself or a loved one this year. Crafted from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton that was woven in a Fair Trade certified facility, it’s the perfect cuddly addition this winter. Oh, and the print is so cute!

3. Loomy Rugs

Need a durable rug that doesn’t look tattered after the first week of shoes, paw prints, and spilled food? Loomy rugs are your solution. All of the rugs are made-to-order which drastically reduced waste and overproduction issues. They are all crafted in fair trade facilities with biodegradable and sustainable materials such as recycled bottles and banana silk.

4. Brentwood Home Dog Bed

Your pup will love this sustainable orthopedic bed from Brentwood Homes because not only is it Greenguard Gold and Climate Neutral Certified but the memory foam insert is perfect for every dog’s body. It is also extremely high-quality, so is said to be indestructible. Your pup will give the comfort of this bed an A+ for comfort and you’ll give it an A+ for sustainability. This one is definitely a win.

5. House of Noa Yoga Mat

If Covid brought your yoga practice into the living room, onto the deck, the yard, or the office— this mat is one you’re going to want to show off at the studio.

If you wore your mat down over the last two years stress-busting in savasana, consider a sustainable upgrade. Not all yoga mats are created equal. House of Noa has proven that—first with its eco play and standing mats, and now with its gorgeous sustainable yoga mats. The brand’s unique mats are non-toxic and odorless. No more new plastic smells to distract you from a peaceful practice! And they look so gorgeous you’ll want to keep them rolled out all the time, which may just get you to do more yoga, right? While this mat is designed to last, once it’s ready to be replaced the mat is fully recyclable and decomposable.

6. Lovevery Montessori Playshelf

One of the first things you learn as a parent is the art of stuff shuffling. Babies and children have so much stuff—from the diapers and clothes to the toys, the books, and did we mention the toys?! It’s a lot to manage for parents, and it’s also a lot for kids, too. Did you know they can become just as overwhelmed by the choices as the parents can in trying to keep things organized? Lovevery has created an amazing solution with this 2-in-1 shelf and storage unit that allows you to display a few toys and store the rest for a clutter-free play experience. Made from 100 percent FSC-certified Baltic birch, this sturdy unit helps promote learning, play, and the art of order.

7. Micro Cotton Towels

Whether an at-home spa day or just a quick rinse, the perfect towel makes all the difference. Micro Cotton is about to change your bath time in a big way. Say hello to the world’s most sustainable towels—literally. These luxe, organic cotton towels are made in the most sustainable ways possible with a focus on community, water conservation, and accessibility. You’ll find these gorgeous, organic towels enhance your bath and beauty routines while you feel good about supporting a company with so many environmental commitments.


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