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10 Sustainable, Clean French Beauty Brands and Where to Shop Them In Paris


Get your glow the French way with these sustainable, organic, and non-toxic clean French beauty brands.

The French Paradox isn’t just limited to mealtime. While meals are drawn out and dishes often elaborate, there’s a simplicity there, too—a focus on the fresh, the local, the vegetables in their whole form. The French approach to beauty is quite similar. A pared down minimalist approach to beauty would seem to be the antithesis of gorgeous, glowing skin, but the French have been getting it right for ages extending its bounty of botanicals to sustainable and clean beauty products that actually work.

The less-is-more approach is French beauty rule number one. Don’t overdo what can be done with less. But that doesn’t mean ignore your skin, either. These French beauty brands prioritize natural botanicals made from sustainable, organic, non-toxic and clan ingredients that support your skin’s natural beauty.

Where to buy clean French beauty products in Paris

French beauty brands are widely available online, but when in Paris, you’ll want to take that slow beauty approach to your shopping routine, too. Nothing compares to a visit to a local beauty boutique. These are some of the best spots to shop clean French beauty in Paris.

1. Oh My Cream

With a dozen stores across Paris and eight more across France, Oh My Cream is the destination for clean beauty brands from France and around the world. You’ll find personalized support in each boutique to help you find the best skincare for your needs. Book a facial or other skincare treatments. Plus, enjoy samples with each purchase.

2. Mademoiselle Bio

Think Sephora, but everything on offer is sustainable, clean, organic, or Fair-Trade. That’s Mademoiselle Bio. Choose from vegan cosmetics, bath and body care, to skin care for men and babies. Mademoiselle Bio prioritizes clean French beauty brands, but also features some international stars as well.

3. Welcome Bio Bazaar

In the heart of the Bréguet district in the 11th arrondissement is the Welcome Bio Bazaar, a clean living destination. The shop features items for all areas of the home from the kitchen and garden to bedroom and bathroom and everything in between. It prioritizes local and small-batch made products.

Best clean french beauty brands

1. Buly 1803

One of the oldest beauty brands in France dedicated to clean and organic ingredients, this luxury brand emphasizes quality botanicals. The brand’s name comes from its founder Jean-Vincent Bully and his Parisian store, which opened in 1803 and sold vinegar—a protection against Black Death, but also an effective skin tonic. Today, you’ll find a range of products including a body oil made with Scottish lichen, perfumes, and customizable vegan lip balms.

2. Caudalie

Wine is to France what grapes are to French skincare brand Caudalie. The Parisian brand uses organic grapes for enhanced skincare products including its Vinoclean cleanser and Grape Water Moisturizing Mist and its cult favorite Radiance Dark Spot Serum. The natural brand’s zero-waste commitment means all packaging is either 100 percent recyclable or refillable, and made with the least amount of plastic.

3. Comette Cosmetics

France’s first organic beauty brand for the whole family, Comette Cosmetics is focused on sensitive skin. Made in the Drôme Provençale, all ingredients are either wild harvested, biodynamic, or organic, supporting small, local farmers. From baby balm to deodorant to face masks, Comette makes something for everyone.

4. French Girl Organics

Not a truly French beauty brand, French Girl Organics is inspired by a love of French beauty ingredients. All of the products offered by the sustainable brand are formulated by its founder Kristeen Griffin-Grimes, who has French ancestry. The minimalistic packaging lets the ingredients stand out. Transparency is a big focus for French Girl, with a commitment to ethical business practices and cruelty-free products tested on French girls, not animals.

5. HeLhem

Inspired by Greek goddesses (who isn’t?), HeLhem was started out of co-founder Aurélie Le Gall’s struggle with acne. Le Gall immersed herself in the healing powers of organic and natural ingredients, coming to create safe, clean, and effective products for all skin types. From the Nefertiti anti-aging brightening oil to the Olympe retinol night balm, HeLhem’s products are the perfect reminder of the French beauty ethos that less is indeed more.

6. Héloïse

With just four products on offer, Héloïse emphasizes minimalism and simplicity. Created by former makeup artist Héloïse Monchablon, the brand’s neo-beauty focus is on quality, not quantity. Explore the organic botanical ingredients in its balm, cleansing milk, hair oil, and face and body oil.

7. Les Petits Prödiges

Launched in 2017 in the South of France, all of Les Petits Prödiges products are formulated and manufactured in France. A focus on natural ingredients safe for all skin types, the brand is known for its clean deodorants, but also be sure to check out the six-ingredient facial cleanser and the luxe organic bar soaps.

8. Make It Beauty

Much like The Ordinary offers stateside, Make It Beauty’s specialty is single-ingredient products like oils and hydrosols. It also recently added cleansers and other specialty formulations. Committed to clean ingredients and sustainable materials, Make It Beauty is focused on supporting a simplified ethical lifestyle.

9. Oden

Oden’s tagline is aptly, “the power of French plants”. France is one of the richest agricultural regions in the world, known for its wine and vegetable growing. But fortunately, some of that good soil and farming lends itself to skincare ingredients, too. Oden only uses ingredients grown in France, and all formulations are natural and without preservatives. 

10. Typology

New to the French beauty category is Typology, which only launched in 2019. But it’s certainly studied the market leaders, bringing a minimalistic approach to skincare with a gorgeous vegan, sustainable, and clean collection. Try the tinted serums for an extra glow or keep it simple with the brand’s plumping or radiance serums.


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