Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Beko’s Out to Prove Sustainability and Performance Go Hand In Hand


With what it’s calling the world’s first dishwasher that can clean the whole washtub with less energy and less water, leading appliance brand Beko is rewriting the sustainability playbook.

Dubbed CornerIntense, Beko’s new proprietary technology promises to bring better performance and more savings on energy and water to its new dishwasher range. The tech is a replacement for traditional circular motion spray arms. Instead, Beko says its new technology uses a rectangular motion arm that disperses water and detergent to all areas—every corner—of the appliance for a more advanced clean at considerable savings. The new technology reduces water use by 50 percent and electricity by 25 percent, the subsidiary of European appliance giant Arçelik, said in a statement.

“We’re thrilled to give Americans a new, more effective, and far more sustainable way to wash their dishes,” said Salih “Sazi” Bugay, Beko vice president of product management.


Available in eight styles, the new dishwashers are also equipped with the company’s Silent Tech, which suppresses operating noise to an industry-lowest, “whisper-like” level of 39 dBA and includes a LED light indicator on the base of the unit to indicate operation. The appliances all meet the Energy Star “Most Efficient” rating, which means the units conserve water and energy at levels that surpass the EPA’s requirement. The models also include a sanitization feature that reaches higher water temperature.

The launch builds on the growing demand for sustainable luxury appliances. A recent report found luxury homebuyers are prioritizing sustainability throughout home design—especially in the kitchen. According to the report, more than half of homebuyers say they’re willing to pay a premium for in-demand sustainability features.

beko dishwasher
Beko launches the world’s first dishwashers that clean the entire washtub using less water and energy | Courtesy

“Next-generation luxury homes are constructed to a higher standard, with sustainable and non-toxic
materials front and center,” reads the report. “These investments are supplemented by an ongoing desire for sustainability at home, with luxury properties having a composting area where food waste can be turned into gardening super fuel.”

Beko’s commitment to sustainability has yielded it the Sustained Excellence Award three years in a row. It’s the only home appliance company to be recognized for every year of operation in the U.S., the company says.

Hack the Normal

Earlier this month Beko announced the winners of its Hack the Normal – Sustainability event. The event, co-hosted by media partners TNW and FT Talent, is open to innovators and entrepreneurs across Europe. Beko says it received more than 500 applications from 70 countries “who developed unique and practical solutions to some of the biggest environmental challenges relating to climate change, water management, and circular economy.”

Winners included Team Salubata, which took home the Circular Economy prize for its efforts to convert PET waste into footwear. The company says its technology can turn six billion tons of plastic waste into shoes.

Beko kitchen appliances | Courtesy

Winning the Climate Change prize was Team 52, which developed a smart plug that enables consumers to turn off appliances while not in use without the need to unplug devices.

Koalas took home the Waste Management prize for its washing machine technology that uses oxygen and cold water to clean garments more efficiently. Beko says the technology could be coming to a future line of its machines and reduce the need for high levels of detergent and hot water.  

“This year, our mission for the event focused on the growing climate crisis and the risks posed by every tenth of a degree of additional warming to people, species, and ecosystems, making it urgent that we find effective ways to decarbonize and reduce emissions,” Utku Barış Pazar, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, Arçelik, said in a statement. “As such, it has been inspiring to see some of the brightest minds and forward thinkers coming together to create solutions for issues that affect us all.”


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