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The New Clean Fragrance Brand Béatus: Inspired By Nature, Built By Beer


The clean fragrance category has a new nature-inspired contender: Béatus. With help from a beer family dynasty, the Paris-based perfume brand is launching in the U.S.

Béatus, the French-inspired clean fragrance line developed by Gabriel Reboh, was seven years in the making. It features six fragrances in nature-inspired scents including Gardens, Alhambra, Sylve Noire, Tropical Forest, Giverny, and Haute Futaie evoke a floral or forest bouquet.

Reboh founded the brand alongside Busch Beer heir Billy Busch and his wife Christi. Busch and his family star in the MTV reality show, The Busch Family Brewed. He also founded the William K. Busch Brewing Co., now the Busch Family Brewing & Distilling.

“We always felt this is a natural extension and a thread that ties what we do together,” Busch said. “We had been offered several opportunities to do something in this space because of our TV show, but were most excited about Béatus.”

Reboh, who now also serves as Artistic Director to the brand, says he was inspired to produce a luxury line of clean and sustainable fragrances to inspire “confidence, affection, love, elegance, and personality,” he told Forbes. Reboh has served as an artistic advisor and hairstylist to a number of high-profile celebrities including Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone, Celine Dion, and Jennifer Lopez.

Béatus clean fragrance

“Béatus in Latin represents a blend of emotions that embody the essence of the brand—happy, lucky, rich, opulent, abundant, generous, splendid, magnificent, and sublime. There are so many reasons to discover Béatus fragrances,” Reboh says.

For the Busch family, perfume has long been a goal, Reboh says. “After sampling the fragrances, the family decided to indulge into this venture with me. The Busch family bring decades of world-class production experience acquired through their involvement in the family’s American beer empire. The Béatus brand was created in accordance with the Busch family’s dedication to quality and excellence.”

That dedication has translated into a line of sustainable fragrance that Reboh says other clean luxury scents can’t offer: potency.

“Apart from being a sustainably produced fragrance, all of our perfumes have amongst the highest concentration (22% to 25% of pure perfume) compared to other luxury perfume brands,” says Reboh.

“The higher the concentration, the longer the scent lasts on your skin and clothing and the more you appreciate the notes of various scents. There’s actually a whole science behind creating a robust, well-balanced fragrance and that is why we have partnered with renowned French chemists such as Dr. Jean Francois Rumigny to create a nature-inspired, premium perfume line.”

Rumigny is a neurobiologist, a benefit that Reboh says helps to develop a consistent experience for the user.

“Fragrance is a complex matter and our neurobiologists ensured that the fragrances’ molecular composition work in tandem with the scents to optimize the consistency of the smells and adapt to the pH of the user’s skin. The entire Béatus collection has long-lasting scents due to a careful choice of extracts and fragrant molecules based on our teams and partners extensive experience.”

Ingredients also matter in that equation. Béatus sources from the perfume capital, the French Riveria town of Grasse, where it secures the highest quality botanicals including flowers and herbs. The company also works with a world-famous perfumery, the 220-year-old Symrise.

“In my travels across France for inspiration, I was introduced to some of the world’s top perfumeries, chemists, and fragrance professionals,” Reboh told Forbes. “When I decided to start my journey in creating the fragrance collection, I leveraged that network and selected world-class partners to formulate the fragrances.”

The clean fragrance indsutry

Béatus joins a booming clean fragrance category, rebounding from the lull in sales in 2020 caused by the pandemic. The clean and organic beauty categories grew 56 percent last year with natural fragrance brands seeing the biggest spike. According to data released last spring, online sales grew 980 percent at Pure Instinct Fragrance, 147 percent at Ellis Brooklyn, and 113 percent at Pacifica.

The sales increase came even as many people continued to work remotely, “Living in close quarters with little variation to routines and scenery, fragrances and scents have provided a much-needed break from the routine,” Jonah Ellin, chief product officer at 1010data, which released the report, said in a statement.

Béatus also launches amid the return of Kim Kardashian’s beauty line, starting with new fragrances. She partnered with beauty giant Coty, which recently began using carbon capture technology from LanzaTech to develop a sustainable fragrance base made from carbon emissions.

Last month, fragrance giant Firmenich announced it had partnered with the ingredients startup Jungle on the first real fragrance sustainably sourced from lily of the valley flowers.

Natural scents are also finding their way into cleaning products; last month also saw actor Courteney Cox release Homecourt, a luxury brand of cleaning and home goods products featuring sustainable ingredients and clean scents. A number of laundry detergent brands have incorporated luxury fragrances too, including ingredients like the expensive oud oil and scents from luxe perfumer Le Labo.

Béatus is available online and soon at Nieman Marcus.


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